10 July 2010

Glassco in Knowlton

A week tomorrow I'll be speaking on my forthcoming biography of John Glassco, A Gentleman of Pleasure, at the Knowlton Wordfest. For almost a decade, Glassco lived on the outskirts of this beautiful Quebec town in a grand house he immortalized in his poem "The White Mansion".

The image above, taken in 1914, isn't quite of his time, but it does capture Knowlton very much as Glassco knew it when he called the town home. The building closest served as the post office during the four years he delivered the rural mail. It was the only job he ever had.

On Writing a Life of John Glassco, “A Great Practitioner of Deceit”

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Galerie Bistro CarpeDiem
61 Lakeside Road (Knowlton)
Ville de Lac-Brome


  1. I'd give a lot to be there. Toast yourself, from me, with a proud and mighty "SCIENCE!"

  2. Any excuse to drink to science... or drink, really. Sorry you won't be there.