This index covers reviews that have appeared here and in the pages of the Montreal Review of BooksThe Walrus and Canadian Notes & Queries. Year refers to first print appearance (or as near as I've been able to determine). For further discussion of these and other works  – pretty much the bulk of this blog – the search and label features should be of help.


Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk - Maria Monk

Edith Percival - May Agnes Fleming

Jean Rivard, le défricheur - Antoine Gérin-Lajoie


Les Anciens Canadiens - Phillipe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé
Victoria - May Agnes Fleming
The Midnight Queen - May Agnes Fleming


Jean Rivard, économiste- Antoine Gérin-Lajoie
The Twin Sisters - May Agnes Fleming


Christie Redfern's Troubles -  Margaret Murray Robertson



Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy - Stephen Leacock


Marion - Winnifred Eaton
The Side of the Angels - Basil King
Similia Similibus - Ulric Barthe


The Adventures of Jimmie Dale - Frank L. Packard
Up the Hill and Over - Isabel Ecclestone Mackay


The Chivalry of Keith Leicester - Robert Allison Hood
The Man from Nowhere - Anna T. Sadlier
The Wire Devils - Frank L. Packard
Young Canada Boys With the S.O.S. on the Frontier - Harold C. Lowrey


The Abolishing of Death - Basil King
The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale - Frank L. Packard
Going West - Basil King
The Hohenzollerns in America - Stephen Leacock

Every Man for Himself - Hopkins Moorhouse
The Thread of Flame - Basil King

Ballads of a Bohemian - Robert W. Service
The Destiny of The British Empire and the United States - W.G. MacKendrick
The Empty Sack - Basil King
Miriam of Queen's - Lilian Vaux MacKinnon
The Window-Gazer - Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
The Wine of Life - Arthur Stringer


Bannertail - Ernest Thompson Seton
The Black Candle - Emily F. Murphy
Doors of the Night - Frank L. Packard
The Dust Flower - Basil King
The Hidden Places - Bertrand W. Sinclair
Jimmie Dale and the Phantom Clue - Frank L. Packard


"Cattle" - Winnifred Eaton
The Four Stragglers - Frank L. Packard
The Happy Isles - Basil King


The Land of Afternoon - Gilbert Knox [Madge Macbeth]
Manhandled - Arthur Stringer and Russell Holman
The Story Without a Name - Arthur Stringer and Russell Holman


The Black Magician - R.T.M. Scott

Blencarrow - Isabel Mackay
The Iron Gates - Margaret Millar
A Voice is Calling - Eric Cecil Morris

The Long November - James Benson Nablo
Murder in the Rough - Leslie Allen [Horace Brown]
Rx for Murder - Jane Layhew
The Shapes That Creep - Margerie Bonner
The Unreasoning Heart - Constance Beresford-Howe


Au pied de la pente douce - Roger Lemelin
Experiment in Springtime - Margaret Millar
Murder by Accident - Leonie Mason - [Joan Walker]
The Phantom Freighter - Franklin W. Dixon [Amy McFarlane]


Les Plouffe - Roger Lemelin
The Three Roads - Kenneth Millar
Artists, Models and Murder - Tedd Steele


Arctic Rendez-vous - Keith Edgar
Crazy to Kill - Ann Cardwell [Jean Makins Pawley]
Death Be My Destiny - Neil H. Perrin [Danny Halperin]
Dirty City - Michael Young
Frustration - Henry C. Clayton
The House in Brook Street - Ronald Cocking
The House on Craig Street - Ronald J. Cooke
He Learned About Women - Ted Greenshade
Love is a Long Shot - Alice K. Doherty [Ted Allan]
Mr. Ames Against Time - Philip Child
No Place in Heaven - Laura Warren
Pagan - Jack Romaine [Tedd Steele]
Perilous Passage - Arthur Mayse
Sin for Your Supper - Milton Douglas
Soft to the Touch - Clark W. Dailey
Strange Desires [Strange Desire] - Alan Malston [Alan Marston]
Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street - Al Palmer
This was Joanna - Neil H. Perrin [Danny Halperin]
Torch of Violence - Gerald Laing [Tedd Steele]
Toronto Doctor - Sol Allen

Bad Men of Canada - Thomas P. Kelley
Legacy of Fear - Garnett Weston
Masters of Time - A.E. van Vogt
The Mayor of Côte St. Paul - Ronald J. Cooke
Montreal Confidential - Al Palmer
No Tears for Goldie - Jack C. Fleming [Thomas P. Kelley]
Overnight Escapade - Stephen Mark
The Penthouse Killings - Horace Brown
The Pillar of Fire - Gordon Green
Seconds to Go - Phil Strong [Danny Halperin]
Shadow on the Hearth - Judith Merril
Too Many Women - Gerry Martin


The Executioners - Brian Moore
Present Reckoning - Hugh Garner
Sailor's Leave [Wreath for a Redhead] - Brian Moore
Touchable - Les Scott and Robert W. Tracy [Alvin Schwartz]

Dark Passions Subdue - Douglas Sanderson
Die With Me Lady [Weep No More, Lady] - Ronald Cocking
Flee the Night in Anger - Dan Keller [Louis Kaufman]
The Lively Corpse [Rose's Last Summer] - Margaret Millar
Murder Over Dorval - David Montrose [Charles Ross Graham]
Pierre le magnifique - Roger Lemelin
Vanish in an Instant - Margaret Millar

The Body on Mount Royal - David Montrose [Charles Ross Graham]
Exit in Green - Martin Brett [Douglas Sanderson]
The Little Yellow House - Jessie McEwen
Mind Your Manners - Claire Wallace
Murder's No Picnic - E.L. Cushing [E. Louise Cushing]
Poussière sur la ville - André Langevin
Rebound - Dick Diespecker

Alexandre Chenevert - Gabrielle Roy
The Black Donnellys - Thomas P. Kelley
A Body for a Blonde - Ken McLeod [Kimball McIlroy]
The Chartered Libertine - Ralph Allen
The Darker Traffic - Martin Brett [Douglas Sanderson]
French for Murder - Bernard Mara [Brian Moore]
Hot Freeze - Martin Brett [Douglas Sanderson]
M'Lord, I Am Not Guilty - Frances Shelley Wees
Murder Without Regret - E. Louise Cushing
Wives and Lovers - Margaret Millar


Beast in View - Margaret Millar
A Bullet for My Lady - Bernard Mara [Brian Moore]
The Darling Illusion - Margerie Scott
No Pattern for Life - Frances Shelley Wees
The Sixth of June - Lionel Shapiro
Tan Ming - Lan Stormont [Morse Robb]
The Whip Angels - Selena Warfield [Diane Bataille]

Blood on My Rug - Louise Cushing
Repent at Leisure - Joan Walker
This Necessary Murder - Frances Shelley Wees
We Live in Ontario - Max Braithwaite and R.S.Lambert


Gay Canadian Rogues - Frank Rasky
Night of the Horns - Douglas Sanderson


The Gentle Fraud - Katherine Roy
He Will Return - Helen Dickson Reynolds
The Listening Walls - Margaret Millar
Mark It for Murder - Douglas Sanderson
The Pyx - John Buell
Under the Hill - Aubrey Beardsley and John Glassco
Where is Jenny Now? - Frances Shelley Wees

Catch a Fallen Starlet - Douglas Sanderson
Doux-amer - Claire Martin
The English Governess - Miles Underwood [John Glassco]
The Watching Cat - Pamela Fry

Bottoms Up - Jock Carroll
A Dum-Dum for the President - Martin Brett [Douglas Sanderson]


Canada 1962
The Damned and the Destroyed - Kenneth Orvis
Four Days - John Buell
Lust Planet - Olin Ross [W.E.D. Ross]
The Mystery of the Muffled Man - Max Braithwaite
The Ravine - Kendal Young [Phyllis Brett Young]


Backstage Nurse - Judith Rossiter [W.E.D. Ross]
Canada - Brian Moore
Fasting Friar - Edward McCourt


"…a distinctive flag which will say to the future: I Stand for Canada!" - Lester B. Pearson
The Fiend - Margaret Millar
A Stranger and Afraid - Marika Robert


The Gynecologist - Sol Allen
The Passionate Invaders - John Clare
   Allison Fay
P.E.T. - Jude Waples


Air Fare - Allan Gould
Dazzled - John Gray
Precious - Douglas Glover


Don't You Know Anybody Else? - Ted Allen

The Bumper Book - John Metcalf, ed.
Firebrand - Rosemary Aubert
Starmageddon - Richard Rohmer


Linda Frum's Guide to Canadian Universities - Linda Frum

Carry on Bumping - John Metcalf, ed.
Enough! - J.V. Andrew


Home for Christmas and Other Stories - Scott Young


Grandma's Little Darling - Stephen R. George
A Lot to Make Up For - John Buell

Canadian Mystery Stories - Alberto Manguel, ed.

Thinking the Unthinkable - John Wesley White


Death by Deficit - Richard Rohmer


How Do You Spell Abducted? - Cherylyn Stacey

eXistenZ - David Cronenberg


Speaking of Success - Pamela Wallin

Hotter Than Hell - Mark Tushingham

Discover Canada

"2018: The new health care" - Preston Manning

The Crooked Golfers - Frank L. Packard

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