12 July 2010

Richlers in Gestation

A couple of cover mockups from my years as a book buyer, both uncovered last week while going trough old boxes. Keeping Track was the working title of Richler's 1990 collection of essays and reviews for Viking Canada. It was ultimately published with a much better title and cover as Broadsides. I don't believe Richler ever intended to put out anything called Selected Essays & Reports; if memory serves he was still hunting around for a title when Knopf Canada presented this cover. The collection was published in 1998 as Belling the Cat.

Note the barking Borzoi. A nice touch, I think.

Five years later, Knopf used the same photo of Richler, by Julian Edelsten, on the front and back covers of my own book, Character Parts.


  1. The 'Broadsides' cover looks so 1980s-downbeat-thriller. And I like the barking Borzoi, too. Knopf are engagingly unprecious about their logo.

  2. Though obvious, I think the best example is the version found on Naomi Klein's No Logo. Knopf do seem to be having fun.