01 July 2010

Thank You, Allid!


  1. Pah. Good to see that the Canadian tradition of treating the Maritimes like a vestigial appendage was solemnly observed even before the country existed. Acadia would have been a perfectly fine name for the country, relevant in exactly as many provinces as "Canada" - more, if PEI had joined as planned.
    That said, I'd much rather be a Hochelagander than a Provincial, whether it be United or Nursing Regional Resentments.
    Happy Canada Day!

  2. Acadia would have put us right up there before Afghanistan, leading the parade of nations. Something to consider for anyone working on a new country in their basement. What's more, it's a damn sight more attractive than also-rans Efisga, Tuponia and Borealia. Acadian is such a beautiful word, Borealian would have only invited insults.

    Happy Canada Day! Hell, Happy Dominion Day, too!

  3. So Canada wasn't "Canada" as late as February 1867? How and when was it made official? And what did the CBC have to say?

  4. I believe the question was settled once and for all during the London Conference. The earliest newspaper report I've been able to find comes courtesy of Toronto's Globe, published four days after ALLID wrote his letter: "The name of the new Confederation is to be Canada! Upper Canada is to be styled the Province of ONTARIO; Lower Canada is to be called QUEBEC; and the other Provinces retain their present designations. We fancy this is as good a selection as could have been made."

    It's always struck me as odd that Ontario and Quebec are in caps, but not Canada.