01 November 2016

Stringer's 'The Song-Sparrow in November'

Verse for the month from the 1949 McClelland & Stewart edition of Arthur Stringer's The Woman in the Rain and Other Poems.

Don't know it? You should.

The London Free Press had this to say of the 1907 Little, Brown first edition:
The Woman in the Rain is a volume without which now no collection of poetry in Canada, meant to be representative of the best, written by Canadians, can be complete. 
I've got mine... and it's signed!

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  1. How quickly we pass into oblivion!

    How do you happen to have a signed copy since Stringer has been dead these 65 years?

    1. How true, Debbie.

      I'd always wanted a signed Stringer and happened to find one at Attic Books in London, Ontario. Perhaps not entirely surprising, given that he was raised in the town. His childhood home is a good hike from the store.