25 August 2016

Wanting Justin Trudeau Dead

Posted this morning online at the Walrus, an expansion of last Friday's blog post.

Available at the Walrus – gratis – through this link.

Update: Chantal Hébert picks up on the article here.

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  1. Social media just brings out the worst in everybody, IMO. Once people found refuge in the anonymity of internet aliases and cartoon avatars, but now it's almost a badge of honor to display your own name and act like a yahoo, spout forth ignorant comments, vomit up bile, and swear up a storm like some kind of drunk truck driver. Oops. Did I just resort to name calling?

    1. The thing I find so remarkable in all this, John, is that more often than not people identify their place of work on their page. Just last week I read a comment from a Calgary employee of the Royal Bank who wanted all Syrian refugees deported, referring to them as "sand niggers". I considered forward the comment to the branch. Wish I had.