03 January 2010

A Record of Engagements

The Canadian Women Writers Engagement Calendar 1985
Adele Wiseman, editor
Toronto: Yewdewit, 1984

A piece of flotsam from the ninth decade of the last century, this strange calendar represents something of a personal triumph; proof that I'm capable of recording my comings and goings over the course of an entire year. I made it all the way to 31 December 1985, only to give it all up the next day. I blame this on the publisher, which never issued its promised 1986 calendar.

Q: What was I doing 25 years ago today?

A: "Had to handle work [salesperson at Sam the Record Man] on only a few hours sleep and, as a result, the day went by at a crawl. Little else to report."

That I gave up journal writing is most certainly a loss to future generations.


  1. Oh, but Gwendolyn MacEwen with pussycat...

  2. Yes, and she had such a great love for the little creatures... but, then, don't all poets? In Shadow Maker, Rosemary Sullivan writes about who she took care of strays - feeding them and building "a small shelter of several stories at the bottom of her garden". What a woman!