20 February 2010

Homophobic? Heterosexist? Or Just Camp?

An advert parody from the April 1932 issue of short-lived humour magazine Oh-Oh Canada!


  1. The Guards were famously camp. The soldiers, it is said, earned spare money as male prostitutes and there is the story of the Guards officer who was asked what the Battle of the Somme was like.
    "Dreadful," he said, "Absolutely dreadful. The noise and the people."

  2. Oh, dear, a bit late, but this only just occurred to me. Roger, you don't mean to suggest that busbys are camp, do you? Sure, the scarlet tunic and white leather buff belt, but not the black bearskin!

  3. I think busbies and bearskins are different kinds of hats, so you are probably safe from innuendo, Brian.