04 February 2010

Ex Libris: Gérald Godin

Bought for $2.99 in 1990, when Gérald Godin and Pierre Vallières were still with us. How this ended up in such an inelegant place, a warehouse-like bookstore across from Montreal's Central Bus Station, I do not know.

A chance meeting – I noticed it only because the cover reminded me of a Cindy Sherman photo.

All these years later, I'm still not sure what to make of Vallières' inscription.


  1. What does it mean? Sorry, I am sans French (and too lazy to Babelfish).

  2. I'll never claim to be a translator, but here goes:

    In remembrance - or recollection - of a time, the 'fifties, when many seeds had to die to germinate hope in the 'sixties.

    Vallières' New York Times obituary goes some way in explaining my interest.