16 April 2010

A Second 'To Jas. McIntyre'

from William Arthur Deacon's The Four Jameses (Ottawa: Graphic, 1927)

A man of mighty mark,
Who crossed the ocean dark
To win some glory;
Resolved to carve his name
High in Canadian fame,
And live in story.

And this methinks will be,
For friend and foe agree
Rare is his talent;
And as much diversified
As our world is wide.
Hail Scotia's gallant!

He racy is, and witty,
As shown by many a ditty
In humourous vein;
And some say wit's his forte,
His muse all turns to sport,
He eschews pain.

But we who know him best
'Gainst this view must protest
He's oft pathetic;
And with his pen so wise,
Can bring tears to the eyes
Of each ascetic.
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