05 April 2010

McIntyre's Mammoth Ode

Let's get this out of the way, shall we. All seven thousand pounds.

Poems of James McIntyre (Ingersoll, ON: Chronicle, 1889)


  1. Reminds of a strange book I saw a number of years ago. Don't recall the title but I believe it dated from 1870/80s and was published by/for a cheese producers association in Ontario - nothing but poems about cheese. I expect Mr. McIntyre's was there.

  2. I'm betting you're right. McIntyre was held in high regard by cheese makers and dairymen - I think because he was forever singing their praises. Hence we have poems like "Lines Read at a Dairymaids' Social, 1887" and "Lines Read at a Dairyman's Supper":

    Then let the farmers justly prize
    The cows for land they fertilize,
    And let us all with songs and glees
    Invoke success into the cheese.