07 June 2013

Pamela Wallin Issues a Challenge

Read over my morning coffee:
Despite all the motives attributed to us, journalists seldom set out to uncover human flaws or scandal just for the sake of creating pain, or embarrassment, or defeat. But we do quite deliberately look for contradictions and incompetence, which sometimes leads us to uncover the aforementioned. And I'll challenge those who would question our pursuits and our legitimate curiosity about those who seek to lead us to explain why, as citizens, the less we know the better we are able to make choices.
— Pamela Wallin, Since You Asked, p. 58

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  1. I guess that it is preferable to be the investigator rather than the object of the investigation, or perhaps it is just easier to speak one's mind as a journalist than as a politician.

    1. I think you're right on the money about both.

      (No pun intended. Honest.)