17 June 2013

Reverend Kerby Warns Against the Dime Novel

This second part of my review of George W. Kerby's The Broken Trail now appears, revised and rewritten, in my new book:
The Dusty Bookcase:
A Journey Through Canada's
Forgotten, Neglected, and Suppressed Writing
Available at the very best bookstores and through
Ernest Cashel
c. 1882 - 1904
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  1. There was no Alberta in 1903? I noticed Calgary, N.W.T. I'm guessing that stands for that Northwest Territories. How big were the N.W.T? Did they extend all the way to B.C.? Now you've got me interested in the history of the provinces. Your fascinating post on Cashel and Kerby was a good read, too.

    1. John, your guess is correct in that the NWT did extend all the way out to BC - and east as far as Labrador. Northern Quebec, Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon and Nunavut have been hived off over the last 14 or so decades, yet it lives on.