16 October 2009

Brian Moore's Pulp Fiction: Sailor's Leave

Brian Moore
New York: Pyramid, 1953

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  1. Enjoying your Moore retrospective of the books that didn't exist as far as Moore was concerned after mainstream success. But they do and the misleading and missing information in the published reference sources is disappointing. But consistent as Canadian paperbacks from the era are virtually ignored in any book publishing history or literary reference book.

  2. Agreed. While not necessarily rich, it's a very interesting vein that is being overlooked. While W.H. New's Encyclopedia of Canadian Literature and Roy MacSkimming's The Perilous Trade have a few words on Harlequin, both ignore News Stand Library and Collins White Circle. Given the track record, I was pleased to see that the latter was at least mentioned en passant in the most recent volume of History of the Book in Canada. No News Stand Library, of course.

  3. Right - when I bought Volume Three of History of the Book in Canada I hoped for more but...

    However if Export's News Stand Library imprint had been mentioned in the History I'd have fallen out of my chair. Export's deserves recognition and I was happy to see your post from a few months ago discussing some of their books.