14 October 2011

POD Cover of the Month: Montreal for Tourists..

Montreal for Tourists..[sic] by the man known affectionately as "From Old Catalogue" Phelps – a proud publication of Charleston, South Carolina's Nabu Press.

First edition:

Buffalo: Delaware & Hudson, 1904

Runner up:

Update: A friend confirms my suspicion that the mammoth structure depicted is not found in Montreal – or our 'backwoods'. It is, apparently, Spiš Castle, built in the 12th century in what is today eastern Slovakia. The tourist visiting Montreal will find it 6669 kilometres to the east. The longest daytrip.


  1. "Medieval Castles of Canada".... how long a book would that be, Brian? I don't recognize that chalk outline at the base of the hill as any of the British ones I've visited. Regards to the St. Marys Library. -MPB

  2. My husband is in Montreal right now and says this is near the Atwater Market. He can see it from his window.

    1. St-Henri has certainly changed since I lived there.