14 November 2011

POD Cover of the Month: Rila of Ingelside

L.M. Montgomery's Rila [sic] of Ingelside [sic], another fine product from Createspace. Their slogan: "Publish your words, your way."

Rila of Ingelside can purchased through amazon.uk.co for a mere £26.76.

First edition:

New York: Stokes, 1921
A bonus:

The Prince Edward Island house upon which Ingleside was modelled.


  1. How do you come across so many of these abominations?

    There are a few indie publishers who use CreateSpace as a cheap method of making out-of-print books available to an eager reading public who can't find the book anywhere. I've purchased a few that were nicely done with special attention given to proofreading since so often the book is "typeset" via OCR scanning. Cover illustrations do tend to be bland, though.

  2. Wandering around, as I do, one is bound to step in something.

    Actually, I have nothing against the idea of print on demand - as you say it is a cheap method of making out-of-print books available. What's more, it seems a perfect way to share unjustly neglected titles. While I haven't done this myself - it is tempting - I admire folks like Caustic Cover Critic JRSM and his Whisky Priest Books. Lovingly produced, beautifully designed and modestly priced, lovers of Canadian literature will find Grant Allen's Michael's Crag amongst his rich offerings. Highly - very highly - recommended.

  3. Brian:

    I come to your blog playing hooky from schoolwork again, seeking only a brief respite from cataloguing at 4 a.m., and am confronted with the rather puzzling desecration of one of my favourite books from grade 2.

    000 00903cam 2200277 a 4500$
    001 1890728$
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    008 050110s2003 oncac e b 001 0 eng $
    016 $a20039017796$
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    035 $a(OCoLC)ocm51923259$
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    043 $an-cn---$
    055 00 $aPS8185.C4$bB88 2003$
    055 1 $aPS8185 C4 B88 2003$
    082 0 $aC810.9/27$221$
    090 $a820.9$bBUS$
    100 1 $aBusby, Brian John.$
    245 10 $aCharacter parts :$bwho's really who in CanLit /$cBrian Busby ; foreword by Bill Richardson.$
    260 $aToronto :$bA.A. Knopf Canada,$c2003.$
    300 $axiii, 349 p. :$bill., ports. ;$c22 cm.$
    504 $aIncludes bibliographical references (p. 281-323) and index.$
    590 $a0501ck$
    650 $aCharacters and characteristics in literature.$
    650 $aCanadian literature$xHistory and criticism.$
    999 $a503523$

    I'm sure Lucy Maud would feel similarly odd about what has been done to her book(s). (Not that I'm blaming you.)