09 January 2012

POD Cover of the Month: Romany of the Snows

Romany of the Snows – what we sticklers refer to as A Romany of the Snows – another fine product from print on demand house Tutis. Take care, bears are not nearly as cute, cuddly, petite or domesticated as they'd have you believe. From the novel:
I got sick and numb. There on that anvil of snow and ice I saw a big white bear, one such as you shall see within the Arctic Circle. His long nose fetching out towards the bleeding sun in the sky, his white coat shining. But that was not the thing — there was another. At the feet of the bear was a body, and one clawed foot was on that body — of a man.
First edition:

New York: Stone & Kimball, 1896

Runner up:

The Tutis take on Michel and Angele – what we sticklers refer to as Michel and Angèle – Sir Gilbert's romantic tale of two young lovers in 16th-century England.


  1. Are the houses in Parker's novel as possibly edible or cloyingly caloric as depicted? Any cannibalistic witches in the cast? I'm beginning to think the entire staff at Tutis is having a hysterical time at their jobs coming up with the most ludicrous and inapproprirate covers as they can dream up. When they aren't outright stealing from sci-fi artists' work still in print, that is.

  2. The Tutis large-print edition of 'Michel' is just as appropriate: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/P/8132016289.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

  3. John, everything I've read about the Hudson's Bay Company describes the posts as having been made of wood, not gingerbread. No mention of gumdrops or frosting.

    JRSM, just as accurate... and legal, I expect.