13 July 2012

Teasing the Private Dick

A pithy, yet passionate passage from David Montrose's The Body on Mount Royal (Winnipeg: Harlequin, 1953):
I noticed she was wearing a zippered dress. I turned those thoughts over in my mind for a little while and decided it might be a good idea for me to go get into a cold shower right away.
   Lila said, with a teasing grin, “There was another reason why I came around. I was afraid the demonstration the other night maybe wasn’t convincing.”
   I swallowed hard. “Demonstration?”
   “About the foam rubber,” she said. “Remember?” Her hand travelled slowly up to the neck of her dress. She unzipped.
   It was away too late for the shower.
   “See?” she said proudly, and she could be proud.
   This time there was no possibility of doubt. Because there was no brassiere.
   A few minutes later she said, “Well, my golly! You might take off that old gun belt!”
Now that's romance... Harlequin romance.

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  1. Just read this hilarious passage. Thanks for starting my day off on a good note!