30 September 2012

A Second Body on Mount Royal

Snapped yesterday at the offices of Véhicule Press, the new edition of David Montrose's The Body on Mount Royal. How new? So new that it hasn't yet reached bookstore shelves.

It's been nearly six decades, since Harlequin published and abandoned private dick Russell Teed's final adventure. A scarce book, there's only one copy currently being offered online. And it ain't that pretty at all. And it costs $75.

But you'll soon be able to buy the new Véhicule Press edition for $13.95. Unlike Harlequin's, it's built to last. What's more, it has a new Foreword by Kevin Burton Smith.

My take on this, the most disturbing David Montrose title, can be found here:
The Unpleasant End of Russell Teed 


  1. Brilliant! I have the other two Montrose Véhicule Press books and can't wait to get my copy of The Body on Mount Royal. Thanks for your efforts in bringing these back to the reading public in handsome and affordable editions.

  2. Ahhhh, I've been waiting for this.
    Can't wait to get it in my hands...