22 January 2013

No Gun for Gloria

This Gun for Gloria
Bernard Mara [pseud. Brian Moore]
New York: Gold Medal, 1956
144 pages

This review now appears, revised and rewritten, in my new book:
The Dusty Bookcase:
A Journey Through Canada's
Forgotten, Neglected, and Suppressed Writing
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  1. You're going to have to move back to Montreal, so I can start borrowing these books to read.

    Seriously, how can I pass on a wealthy, worn-out prostitute whose face is stained with the blur of expensive cosmetics.

    Knuckles G.

    1. Better Montreal than Ottawa. Here’s how Mitch describes our capital city: “It’s a dull town – no sidewalk cafés, no interesting café characters – like Bobo – no great galleries, no whoopee.”

      And, yes, the novel does feature a character named Bobo.

    2. You hear that J & J...you're living in a no whoopee zone!

      Knuckles G

    3. "'Ottawa? That's in Canada, eh? Who ever heard of it?' Bobo protested."

      Well, his name is Bobo.

  2. I found on of these once and made a gift of it without reading it first. What a mistake. Love his literary novels so am sure I would love this. The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne devastated me.

    1. The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne is devastating. One of the great first novels, I think, but then it's not really a first novel at all. Interesting to consider that Judith Hearne was published ten months before This Gun for Gloria.