24 February 2013

Freedom to Read Week: Father Harrigan Moves to Protect Ontario's Girls Against 'Love' Comics

The Calgary Herald, 18 August 1950
Ah, "love" comics... much better than "sex comics", the term Father Harrigan and the OCPTA had been using. There had been such unfortunate headlines:

The Globe & Mail, 12 April 1950
The Globe & Mail, 18 January 1950
Father B.W. Harrigan turns the first sod for the Holy Rosary Parish Hall and School, Burlington, Ontario, c.April 1950.


  1. Love that one headline. How about:

    "Strenuous Campaign against Love Comics Reaches Climax"

  2. Last night, I read another story in the "My Secret Marriage" link you sent me.

    How utterly banal these tales are...and yet so fascinating to read.

    At least "L'il Jinx" strips had a punch at the end. These stories all end in happy marriages.

    Maybe we could put out a modern version entitled "My Very-Public Divorce."

    Knuckles G.

    1. My Very Public Divorce seems to offer many more story possibilities. I can't help but think that those in My Secret Marriage invariably end: "No, you don't understand. You see, we're married."