20 January 2014

The View from My Desk

Much celebration these past few days after it was announced that my wife had won the adult category in  the annual Doors Open Ontario Art Contest. She submitted two paintings inspired by the event, the first being this glimpse of my study. It received an honourable mention. The second, and winning entry (below), is a cruet set she spotted on display at the St Marys Museum.

Now that the judges are done, voting has begun for the People's Choice Award. You can express your opinion at the bottom of this page. Anyone can vote. Exercise your franchise!

The winner will receive a $500 gift card for use at Ontario's finest spas. Living with me, you'll understand the appeal of a weekend getaway.


  1. Congratulations...

    I just hope all that celebrating didn't result in any drunken rock-star-style room thrashing.

  2. Your ceiling is too fancy. You'll never get anything done with that distraction.

    1. Which explains the slow progress on my Maria Monk book.