11 August 2014

Harlequin Librarians: So Many Secrets

Hospital Librarian
Margaret Malcom
The Librarian's Secret Wish
Carol Grace
The Librarian's Secret Scandal
Jennifer Morey
What the Librarian Did
Karina Bliss
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  1. Which one is the Hospital Librarian... the woman or the guy with the glasses?

    "She's got a secret that's overdue." HA! Bet she's got a tattoo of her own (or two or three) under her conservative get-up, too.

    1. I wouldn't rule out a pierced navel either, John.

      In answer to your query about Hospital Librarian, there's this from the cover copy: "When the hospital seethed with excitement over the new ophthalmic surgeon, Librarian Jan Marlow found herself caught up in it. She found him attractive, but she was even more attracted to one of the patients. How could she tell her real love?"

  2. Brian, I think I've read that one. The patient with the sunglasses is visually impaired, and Jan Marlow clinging to his lapels is convinced the surgeon is truly a Dr. Frankenstein type looking for new eyes . . . . Well, either that or Jan is really tired of cataloguing!

    I don't know where you find them!! Great stuff.