12 September 2014

University Professor Writes Roman à Clef Roman

Fasting Friar
Edward McCourt
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1963
222 pages

This review now appears, revised and rewritten, in my new book:
The Dusty Bookcase:
A Journey Through Canada's
Forgotten, Neglected, and Suppressed Writing
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  1. Hi Brian,
    I recommend A Road for Canada, McCourt's account of a road trip he took with his wife across the country in 1963, just a year after the Trans-Canada Highway officially opened. "In Canada there is too much of everything. Too much rock, too much prairie, too much tundra, too much mountain, too much forest."

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Dan. I'll hunt down a copy. I'm also interested in reading his biography of Sir William Butler. The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan describes it as "exceptional"!

  2. I picked up a copy of Fasting Friar at the Concordia book giveaway today.

    1. Wow! I really liked that novel. You're reminding me that I've not read anything by McCourt since. I must!