08 November 2014

Harlequins, Ranchers and Redheads: A Threesome

The Rancher and the Redhead
Rebecca Winters
Toronto: Harlequin, 1993
The Rancher and the Redhead
Susannah Davis
Toronto: Harlequin, 1995
The Rancher and the Redhead
Allison Leigh
Toronto: Harlequin, 1998
A bonus:

Deux femmes et un rancher [The Rancher and thé Redhead]
Susannah Davis
Toronto: Harlequin, 1996
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  1. Is it the same book released under different pseudonyms? And why is the redhead a girl infant in the one by Davis? Curiouser and curiouser....

    1. As near as I can tell, Rebecca Winters, Susannah Davis and Allison Leigh are three different writers, though I'm now wondering whether they all know each other… and if this wasn't the result of a bar bet.