05 September 2016

A Poem for Labour Day by A.C. Stewart

"On the Drowning of a French-Canadian Laborer" by A.C. Stewart from his self-published tome Dust and Ashes (n.p., 1910).

Sadly, I have not been able to identify the victim... nor the year... nor the location. "Jacques Cartier Rapids" does not exist. There are rapids in Jacques Cartier National Park. Was it there that the tragedy took place? Doubt it. Still, knowing Stewart, it's a safe bet that the drowning of the French-Canadian labourer happened somewhere, and just as he described.

Dust and Ashes was a gift from Vanessa Brown and Jason Dickson of Brown & Dickson in London, Ontario. This past weekend, saw the couple celebrating their move to a new, larger location on Richmond Row.


Now, get to work you two.

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