29 July 2017

The Dusty Bookcase in the Toronto Star

Not my pool, sadly, but that belonging to a friend and old work colleague. Today's Saturday Star features a piece by Nick Patch on the forthcoming Dusty Bookcase book. Although the article itself isn't available online – not to non-subscribers – my picks of five books worthy of attention is open to all:
Because I've received requests for links to my writing on the titles mentioned in the list and article:

The publication date for The Dusty Bookcase is 15 August. It is available for pre-order at Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, and McNally Robinson.


  1. Lovely, Brian. Glad you have a supportive and admiring press.

  2. FSmith (Librarian)28 September, 2017 11:33

    What a wonderful book full of quirky Canadian literary history. I've just discovered the gothic fiction of W.E.D Ross who wrote under several pseudonyms and acccording to some is the most prolific Canadian writer - 300 novels! One big wish - that your book had an index!!

    1. I've long been interested in W.E.D. Ross, but where to begin! Well, you've now encouraged me to take the plunge.

      I too wish the book had an index (and am one of those odd people who enjoy putting together indices). Here's hoping for a second printing and the opportunity to add one!

      Many thanks for the kind words.