01 September 2019

'September Winds' by A.M. Stephen

A poem for the month from The Golden Treasury of Canadian Verse, edited by A.M. Stephens, published in 1928 by J.M. Dent & Sons. This particular verse is by Mr Stephens himself. The illustration is by Ernest Wallcousins.
                                          O Mad wind,
                                          Glad wind,
                           That sways the purple plumes
                                Of nodding asters, row on row,
                                In late September's afterglow,
                           My heart has heard you call! 
                                         O Mad wind,
                                         Glad wind,
                           My feet would roam with you
                                The wildered paths of tangled fern
                                Where bright the scarlet berries burn
                           And falling leaves are brown. 
                                         O Mad wind,
                                         Glad wind,
                           Come, bugle up the sun
                                 That leaves a radiance rare and pale,
                                 In golden-rod along the trail,
                           Upon the misted hills. 
                                        O Mad wind,
                                        Glad wind,
                           The fire is of your kin
                                 That flames in crimson splendour where
                                 Fleet Autumn glides with unbound hair
                           Along your woodland ways. 
                                        O Mad wind,
                                        Glad wind,
                           She is your breath in form.
                                 The music of her light steps beat
                                 Triumphal marches low and sweet
                           Of Life fulfilled by Love.


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