11 November 2020

Remembrance Day

Verse from the 1923 edition of Robert Stead's The Empire Builders.

                      He sleeps in Flanders. Well he sleeps,
                           For Flanders' sleep is deep indeed;
                      About his bed the trench-rat creeps;
                      In some far home a woman weeps;
                      And the lone moon its vigil keeps
                           Above his sleep in Flanders. 
                      No note shall break the silent sleep
                           That found him when his day was done;
                      No note is blown so loud and deep
                      That it can pierce the gates of sleep—
                      The earthen gates full damp and deep —
                            That guard his sleep in Flanders. 
                      He saw not where his path should lead,
                            Nor sought a path to suit his will;
                      He saw a nation in her need;
                      He heard the cause of Honor plead;
                      He heard the call, he gave it heed,
                           And now he sleeps in Flanders. 
                      Yet let this ray of light remain,
                           Though darkness cut him from our view;
                      We know the sacrifice, the pain
                      We cannot feel our faith is vain
                      We know the loss, but not the gain
                           Of those who sleep in Flanders.

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