15 February 2021

The Dustiest Bookcase: L is for Lysenko (& Lesik)

Short pieces on books I've always meant to review (but haven't).

Westerly Wild
Vera Lysenko [pseud Vera Lesik]
Toronto: Ryerson, 1956
284 pages

Purchased for $2.50, I was sold by the opening words on the front flap:
WESTERLY WILD, a sort of Canadian Wuthering Heights, grew out of the fascination exerted on the author by the rolling countryside of south-western Saskatchewan...
Six years later, this Vera Lysenko novel continues to collect dust because I still haven't read Wuthering Heights.


  1. Why not read Westerly Wild (or Westerly Wind) first?
    Then you can decide if Wuthering Heights is a sort of Yorkshire Westerly Whatever.

    1. Westerly Whatever is a great title.

    2. I actually thought Westerly Wind was a more likely title and that you'd come across a rare (unique?) example of a book cover with a misprint.

  2. Forget Wuthering Heights. I've always felt it's overrated. (Mostly by people who know only the film versions.)

    This books looks promising (judging by its cover).

    1. Susan, how is it this Kate Bush fan has never read the book? Hell, I'm old enough to have bought The Kick Inside on the day of its release.

      (By chance, I heard on the CBC that the album was released 43 years ago this week.)

      I agree on the cover. It's a shame Ryerson's policy was to block artist credits.