01 February 2011

The Elusive Diane Bataille

I intend no pun in writing that "DIRT" just about covers this 2001 bind-up (again, no pun intended) of Marcus Huttning's Linda's Strange Vacation and The Whip Angels by our own Diane Bataille. The latter novel is without a doubt the filthiest piece of porn I've encountered in writing this blog.

For two years now I've been keeping an eye out for something – anything – relating to Mme Bataille. The return has been so slight that this amusing cover image, stumbled over yesterday, ranks as a major find.

And so I ask: The daughter of a Russian prince, the wife of Georges Bataille, a model for Alberto Giacometti, how is it that so little has been recorded about this dear lady?


  1. So glad to discover this blog. Big fan of Georges, Laure, Callois, et al -- surprised to realise I don't know the 1st thing about Mme. B. Gotta track down a copy of Whip Angels ASAP!

  2. Aaron, in these days of online bookselling, I expect your hunt for The Whip Angles will be a short one.

    Take care not to leave it out if you're expecting company... Or do. It's a real conversation starter.

  3. Hello.
    Details about Diane and Georges Bataille in Surya's book: "Georges Bataille La Mort à l'oeuvre"

  4. Anonymous, my thanks for keeping an eye out. I mentioned George Bataille, la morte à l'œvre in a previous post (dealing with The Whip Angels). Although M Surya provides more on Mme Bataille than I have seen elsewhere, I was surprised by how little there was about the lady. The Whip Angels, for example, is not mentioned, nor is the fact that she posed for Giacometti. I must add that I am troubled by the fact that the biographer errs in recording the city of her birth as Vancouver.

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