13 February 2011

A Moment of Love, Health and Fertility

A Moment of Love [The Feast of Lupercal]
Brian Moore
London: Panther, 1970

Because, I suppose, so few of us still celebrate Lupercalia.

It begins today.



  1. Didn't know of this renaming but it works with the absurd photograph. Looks like a father angry with his slutty daughter for going out without a blouse.

    Does it intersect with the story anywhere?

  2. I think we're meant to believe that the unhappy looking couple are Una Clarke and protagonist Diarmuid Devine, B.A. (Junior and Senior English). Una is twenty, which looks about right, to Diarmuid's thirty-seven.

    It's been some time since I've read the novel, but I don't think the image intersects with the story in any way. After all, theirs is something of a hidden relationship. It seems to me that standing nearly topless before a large picture window would send tongues a wagging - particularly in 'fifties Belfast.