12 April 2013

Bad Poets

The Vancouver Sun, 21 February 1966
Poetic Burglars Hit Again
The poetic burglars have struck again.
   For the second time in a week, police found a poetic message while investigating a break-in.
   The message discovered early today at Canadian Trailmobile, 2650 Slocan, read:
   "You think we are fools, because we borrowed your tools. It's not very funny, because we also took your money. The Human Termites, Batman and Zorro."
   A small amount of cash was taken from the office.
   Police said the thieves entered the premises by smashing a window.
   Last week, police found a similar note while investigating a $400 break-in at a downtown restaurant.


  1. Oh, great! Based on my blog, I guess you'd expect
    That the police have made me numero uno suspect!

    Knuckles G.

    Al mismo tiempo, quiero un traje originale

  2. Is it too easy to point out that those gentlemen earned considerably more for their efforts than poets do today?
    In any case, I hope one of the tools they took was a measuring stick. That meter's terrible.