23 February 2014

Freedom to Read Week: Hugh MacLennan's Profane and Vulgar Barometer Rising

The Calgary Herald, 9 December 1960


  1. Has the book-banning impulse dissipated over the decades in Canada, or does it remain a problem?

    From a curious reader on the U.S. Gulf coast, the rusty buckle of the Bible belt where school districts still get their knickers in a knot every now and then about certain books.

    1. I'm please to report that it has indeed dissipated, RTD. Gone are the days when, say, the RCMP would raid the Vancouver Public Library. Men like Lt.-Col. John Merner are now the focus of well-deserved ridicule. There's a museum not far from me that has a display dedicated to the work of Elinor Glyn. I try to remind myself of these things in those increasingly rare instances in which censors rear their ugly heads. Theirs is a losing struggle.