26 February 2014

Freedom to Read Week: Eight Men Speak

Freedom to Read Week Hump Day. Have you bought your banned book yet? If not, may I suggest Eight Men Speak? Written in 1933, reissued just last year by University of Ottawa Press, it's not so much a banned book as a banned play once – only once – staged as part of an effort to free Communist Party of Canada leader Tim Buck from Kingston Penitentiary. The Toronto Police didn't approve, nor did their Winnipeg brothers.

The Globe & Mail, May Day, 1934
The Ottawa Citizen, 2 May 1934
Where mail carriers once worked to prevent its spread, today's will happily deliver Eight Men Speak to your door… er, post box.


  1. I'd consider buying it - is it worth a read?

    1. Most definitely worth a read, Mark. Alan Filewod's 45-page Intro and supplementary material add to it all. A bargain, as far as I'm concerned. And so damn attractive. French flaps!