18 January 2016

Falling Hard for May Agnes Fleming

The Midnight Queen
Mrs May Agnes Fleming
New York: Hurst, [n.d.]
256 pages

This review now appears, revised and rewritten, in my new book:
The Dusty Bookcase:
A Journey Through Canada's
Forgotten, Neglected, and Suppressed Writing
Available at the very best bookstores and through


  1. I stopped by your blog today. What interesting finds you have.

    1. Thank you, Ann. Very kind of you to say. I like to think that in some cases I've rescued things from the landfill.

  2. Spending $25 shipping for a $2 used book--even a classic--is true devotion, Brian.

    I'm curious as what the POD "vultures" are doing badly besides getting the covers wrong?

    Appreciate the link to the free ebook.

    1. I'm not sure just how much more devotion my wallet can take, Mathew.

      I don't mean to suggest that all POD people are vultures - some provide decent editions at reasonable prices. I include here Dodo, despite their inept cover treatments. The very best I've encountered is Whisky Priest Books, the work of Caustic Cover Critic JSRM. He has clearly put a great deal of thought and time into each. Would that others showed the same care.

      The true vultures led by folks like Kessinger, who dare charge big money for ugly books comprised of poorly laid out text. Their 244-page edition of The Midnight Queen goes for $34.45 at Amazon.

      Internet Archive is doing God's work.

  3. Another name you have put on my radar.
    Thank you...

    1. You're welcome, Beau. Knowing your track record in coming across Packards, you should do better than me in finding her in bookshops.