19 June 2016

'My Dad an' I': Into the future none may look...

Bernard Freeman Trotter
16 June 1890 - 7 May 1917
                    My dad an’ I we’re splendid chums,
                    We’ll stick thro’ every ill that comes
                    Together like two sugar-plums,
                         My dad an’ I. 
                    We go afishin’ in the spring,
                    An’ tho’ we oft get nary thing,
                    We’re each as happy as a king,
                         My dad an’ I. 
                    We go agunnin’, too, for game,
                    An’ tho’ we don’t attain to fame,
                    We like it first rate just the same.
                         My dad an’ I. 
                    I find, when I the past review,
                    He’s given me lickin’s very few:
                    We know each other through an’ through,
                         My dad an’ I. 
                    Besides the cane he’s given me pills
                    An’ other things to cure my ills,
                    An’ all along he’s paid the bills;
                         I thank him for ’t. 
                    Thus through the past, until this time,
                    When I do pen this little rhyme,
                    We have worked out a fair regime,
                         My dad an’ I. 
                    Into the future none may look,
                    Fast is it shut, like a brass-bound book;
                    But we’ll pull through by hook or crook,
                         My dad an’ I.  
                                                                     Wolfville, 1905.

A Canadian Twilight and Other Poems of War and Peace
Toronto: McClelland, Goodchild & Stewart, 1920

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