20 June 2016

Return to Miss Moneypenny's Fishing Lodge; or, Billy's Bad Trip

Return to Rainbow Country

William Davidson
Don Mills, ON: PaperJacks, 1975
186 pages

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The Dusty Bookcase:
A Journey Through Canada's
Forgotten, Neglected, and Suppressed Writing
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  1. Oh my. Tripping down memory lane with this one, we are indeed. I have to admit to having a serious crush on Billy of Rainbow Country, back in the day. The show sure didn't last long, but the images remain tucked away in my brain. Probably best not revisited, in video or printed form, I am thinking. Keep those memories pure! Though the Lois Maxwell connection is fascinating. Had no idea that she was Billy's willowy mother. You do find the most interesting things, Brian.

    1. Watching Adventures in Rainbow Country as a seven-year-old, I knew Lois Maxwell only as Billy's mother. The name Miss Moneypenny meant nothing to me - The Man with the Golden Gun was my first Bond film. I'm betting you're not alone in your crush on Billy.