16 September 2018

The Reverend Cody Cover Cavalcade

On this sunny Sunday, the third post concerning Reverend H.A. Cody this month, all part of an effort to atone for ignoring the man these past fifty years. Of his twenty-five tomes, I've read only The Girl at Bullet Lake, reviewed here last week.

I'm not entirely adverse to reading another. Any suggestions?

The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature doesn't much help, nor does W.H. New's Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada. The dust jacket of The Girl at Bullet Lake offers eight suggestions. I've narrowed them down to three:

Under Sealed Orders
New York: Doran, 1917
"Mystery and intrigue in connection with a water-power scheme."

Not to be confused with the wonderfully entertaining Grant Allen novel of the same name.

The Touch of Abner
New York: Doran, 1919
"An amusing story of love and adventure."

The spiciest title in the reverend's bibliography.

The Master Revenge
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1927
"A big, kindly-hearted, beloved man suffers for another's crime."

I'm guessing that crime has something to do with handsaws.

Has anyone else read Cody?

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  1. No, but now I'll be looking out.

    1. If you do find one, Beau, don't pay much. In my experience, they can be had for a few dollars. All I've seen priced higher just sit in shops gathering dust. I paid a bit more for The Girl at Bullet Lake, but that was because the book still had its dust jacket. It remains the only Cody jacket I've come across in a store.